The Blossom & Bloom Show

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Blossom and Bloom Poster

Robin and I are so pumped to announce that we are going to be at The Blossom & Bloom Show this Sunday!

As soon as we heard about this outdoor market, we knew we had to get on board. First of all, it’s in our hometown! Woohoo! For once, we don’t need to pack up all our stuff and head downtown. And second, we are selling our stuff finally! We have been creating for 3 1/2 years for clients, but we are super excited to be making and selling to people at markets like this.

So, what can you expect from our booth?

Well, it’s Mother’s Day, so we are setting up a ‘flower shop’ and selling pretty arrangements for all the Mommies out there. And then we will be selling a bunch of little potted plants and succulents such as…

Succulent in Dip Dyed Egg Holder

Our cute little dip dyed egg cups.

Copper and concrete plant stands

Our new concrete and copper plant stands, which we are super pumped about.

And some old favourites, like our new and improved ‘Hoopla in a Box’ (just wait until you see these guys!).

Oh and we are also selling some of my sister Allie’s concrete goods (concrete is a theme here). Have you seen her stuff yet? It’s wicked. Her company is Your Pal, Al. Clever, huh?

Your Pal, Al Concrete Goods

Lastly, we are surrounded by some other very cool vendors, including our friend Halyard Flags.

Halyard Flags

Bottom line is, this market is going to be the so come visit us at The Blossom and Bloom Show and support local florists, artists and artisans!


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ReBash | Where Event Decor Lives On

Posted on by Shannon

ReBash_logo_FINALHave you heard of ReBash?

It’s seriously the smartest idea. Our friends Jess & Joelle have created a event where vendors sell their handmade, vintage, gently used event decor to brides and really anyone else who wants to pick up some really cool stuff!

This is going to solve all of our crazy storage problems!

Robin and I are onboard, as well as 20 other vendors (plus more being added soon!) And we are pumped.

Not only is it going to be an awesome shopping destination, there’s going to live music, sweets and treats…and a little something, something that Robin and I are involved with that is being announced soon. Stay tuned!

The gals decided to feature us on their blog, today so check it out. You might learn something new :)

And go buy a ticket! Hope to see you there!



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Garlands, Tassels & Big A$$ Balloons

Posted on by Shannon

Things have been quiet on the blog. And you know what that means…Hoopla is busy! Busy with work, but also busy with our families. Our little Hoopla team is at 5 right now and juggling all of them is just bananas. But it’s fun bananas.

Which leads us to what this blog post is about!

Our friends at Efhamar & Sienna, an Canadian online shop with some seriously fun party decor, offered us some of their product to style. We obviously said yes and got to work.

At the end of last year, we welcomed the arrival of my little babe Archie. I wasn’t going to do much to the nursery after Porter moved out of it. Even if it was a boy (which it was!), I thought the gold, navy and peach colour scheme would just have to do. Okay, I knew it was super girly but what can you do?! I liked it…and it’s not like he cares at this point, right? I gave the colour scheme to Efhamar & Sienna and they sent me this absolutely beautiful, and much bigger than I expected, tassel garland.

Tassel Garland from Efhamar & SiennaTassel Garland from Efhamar & Sienna

It seriously makes the room. Especially when it’s against those washi tape polka dots that I made a couple of years ago. I’m in love…and so is Archie.

Also, for anyone that’s wondering, Archie does sleep in a crib. We have both a bed and a crib in his room for those sleepless nights. The crib is just not as pretty…haha.

Next up was Sloane’s 1st birthday party, which was another perfect occasion to showcase Efhamar & Sienna‘s stuff.

Balloons & Frills for Sloane

Hello big a$$ balloons and fringe. Seriously so fun!

Balloons & Frills for SloaneBalloons & Frills for Sloane

And Sloaney obviously loved playing in the fringe afterwards.

Thanks again to Efhamar & Sienna for being so cool…and did we mention they’re Canadian? Another huge plus.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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Giveaway | Wrapping up the Holidays!

Posted on by Robin

Hello friends!

Shannon and I have been on major blogging hiatus lately (like 6 months!), but we swear we have some pretty darn great excuses!  We’ll definitely be doing a wrap-up post to fill you in with all the cray deets of what happened in 2014 (one hint…someone may have gone ahead and created us a new member of the Hoopla team!!).  In the meantime, we’ve been busy bees getting ready for the holidays.

As you may have already guessed, we take our gift wrapping very seriously. So we were super pumped when Scotch Tape sent us a ton of fun supplies to play around with and create some pretty wrapping for our friends and family.

Scotch Tape Supplies

See? Lots of goodies that just got our wheels turning.

As soon as we see tape we think stickers, so we busted out some wax paper and got merry-making!

Scotch Tape - Tape


Creating stickers from tape is pretty darn easy.  Start by placing your tape onto the wax paper in whatever colour pattern you like.


Cut the wax paper into whatever shape sticker you want.  In our case, we wanted to create some bunting so we cut our stickers into mini triangles.


Finally, peel the tape from the wax paper and stick them onto your present.  Easy peasy!

After seeing all the leftover pieces from the first present we thought they would work perfectly for the next one.  Waste not, want not!


We just cut up the scraps into little pieces and stuck them on like confetti!



Next, we cut out shapes to make gift tags, so that we could the ‘to’ and ‘from’.


If you haven’t finished wrapping all your gifts just yet, we have some awesome news for you. Scotch Tape would like to give one lucky, crafty person a bundle of fun, wrapping goodies!  All you have to do is:

1. Follow us on Instagram
2. Like Scotch Tape on Facebook
3. And leave us a comment to let us know you did

This is a quick contest here folks, so we will be picking a winner tomorrow at 10pm!

Good luck and happy merry-making!

- Robin

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Our Photo Projects with Blacks

Posted on by Shannon

A few months ago we were asked to join the Blacks blogger team. Of course we said yes :)

Not only were we able to try out Blacks new products and services, our blog posts were going to appear on Blacks new and improved website!  They have been undergoing some very fun changes (including a brand new image and logo) and we were along for the ride.

Our first project was a birthday photo collage.

Our Photo Projects with Blacks

It happened to be Shannon’s son’s 5th birthday around that time, so we based the project around him.

We printed a ton of Shannon’s Instagram photos of Keaton over the last year through the Blacks iPhone app and seriously, within 15 minutes, they were ready to be picked up. Super easy. And then we arranged the pics in a ’5′. Keaton LOVED it!

The second project we did was a birth announcement for Robin’s daughter, Sloane.

hoopla | Our Photo Projects with Blacks

We didn’t even know these existed at Blacks, but they have hundreds of templates available for different types of cards.

Robin went into the store to print these. Again, super easy. They were printed on the spot and she was able to take them home and mail them out. Too cute!

The last project we worked on was an eclectic photo wall, featuring Blacks new acrylic wall art.

hoopla | Our Photo Projects with Blacks

We love anything acrylic, so when we heard Blacks did acrylic wall pieces, we jumped right on it. Robin still hadn’t printed out any of her wedding photos yet, so we thought a love-inspired wall featuring her wedding photos would be perfect.

We also printed some larger format Instagram photos. And bought made-for-Instagram frames to hold them. Throw in a couple of special items of Robin and Jesse’s and there’s your eclectic photo wall!

We loved every minute of this process and we love our new Blacks art!

We are actually heading to a Blacks lunch with the rest of the blog team today so wish us luck!

-Shannon & Robin

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Spun Goods

Posted on by Shannon

Over the years, Robin and I have been invited to participate in some cool events and happenings in the city.

But the absolute best invitation came a couple of months ago from Lindsey Thomsen. She is a volunteer at Sistering, a women’s drop-in centre in the city. It’s a gem of a centre that provides support services to marginalized women. One of the services is an opportunity to learn the skills needed for supplemental income through sewing and knitting, called Spun Studio.

Lindsey wanted to know if we wanted to be part of a special group that would design handmade goods and have the women at Spun Studio create them. And we couldn’t respond YES fast enough.

The end result is a wicked event where all the goods will be displayed and there will be a chance to purchase them!

We don’t want to ruin our surprise design, but let’s just say Robin and I are going to be fighting over who gets the first one!

Come on out to event to support a really good cause and see what the Spun Studio team has been up to over the last couple of months!

Buy your tickets here.

-Shannon & Robin

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