Bridesmaid Dress Trend and A Tip!

Posted on by Shannon

Hooray to our first consultation with our bride and groom client (my sister and her fiancee) who are getting married in August! It went really well and we came up with some awesome ideas. This wedding is going to be epic!! Stay tuned for the inspiration board!!

If you have been trolling Pinterest and wedding magazines lately, you’ve noticed that there is an increasing trend to choose a colour scheme for bridesmaid dresses and let the maids roll with it….as opposed to every bridesmaid wearing the exact same dress in the exact same colour.

We are all over this! And Robin is even incorporating it into her wedding in June!

Not only does it make the dress shopping so much easier for your bridesmaids, it adds a fun element to the wedding.





As I mentioned above, my sister is getting married next year.  Her colour scheme is a bright raspberry-red, but she wanted her bridesmaids to have a range of colours to choose from…from a lighter pink to an almost-red.

And do you know what she came up with, along with my genius Mom? They went to a paint store and picked out a paint swatch that matched the colour scheme perfectly!

Now, all the bridesmaids have one to carry in their purse and, whenever they see a dress that might work, they can pull out the swatch and match it.  GENIUS!


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5 comments on “Bridesmaid Dress Trend and A Tip!

  1. Kerry @ First Time Fancy on said:

    LOVE that paint chip idea! Absolutely brilliant!

  2. Katrina on said:

    Oh my word, the paint swatch idea is the smartest!!!
    They’re on to something, here…

  3. Nicole Panacci on said:

    I am in love with this trend!! I am even more in love with the amazing colour search!

  4. Lisa B on said:

    I love the paint chip thing as the jumping off point. And I LOVE that not all the brides maids have to match. Hard to always find one dress style to suit everyone.

    A friend of mine did this YEARS ago. Said this is the colour, the dresses have to be long. Otherwise – go for it.

    I like too though it is going a step further and the dresses don’t have to be the exact same colour – just in a range of a shade. NICE.

  5. I love this idea of letting each bridesmaid select their own style of dress – it just makes so much sense.

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