DIY Shower Invitations

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Hope everyone had a nice weekend and that all the Mommies were spoiled.  I know I was, but I’ll get to that later!

In the meantime, I have been dying to share with you the invites I created for my sister, Caitie’s, upcoming wedding shower. I wanted to make sure everyone got them in the mail before I blogged about them.

So, the theme for the shower is “sparkly, gold and pink”, which is right up Caitie’s alley! I have some awesome ideas up my sleeve for the decor, but I really wanted to set the stage with the invites.

If you follow us on Facebook or Instragram, you may have noticed some pics of me in the beginning stages.

To meet the “sparkly gold” quota, I bought some sparkly gold paper at Michael’s, as well as a heart-shaped whole punch and went to town.

Next, I needed to inject some pink up in here!

Using Rit dye, I first dipped each invitation (60 of them!) into a light pink dye and let them dry.

Then, I dipped them again into a darker pink dye, but only about half way or so, so there was a bit of an ombre effect.  I also tried to make sure the dip wasn’t in a straight line.

I created the copy, picked the font (Old Newspaper Types), printed them on my printer at home and stuck on the gold, sparkly heart with a hot glue gun.

Aren’t they pretty??

Wondering what the ‘hens and chicks’ reference is? Well, we are also incorporating succulents into the decor and a grouping of succulents are called ‘hens and chicks‘…plus, we thought it would be fun to refer to the guests as that :)

I’m super happy with them and even though they took a while, I would so make my own invites again!

Oh and remember I told you I was spoiled this weekend? Well, Aidan surprised me on Sunday morning with a painted nursery! He had done it the day before with his brother while I was out with my fam.  I actually felt super bad because I had been giving him a hard time last week about how he didn’t care about the nursery because he refused to tell me when he was going to paint it…and low and behold, he had been planning this for weeks.  Oopsies!  It’s in a disaster state right now, but is in a lovely shade of Cloud White:

More updates coming soon!!


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5 comments on “DIY Shower Invitations

  1. Caitie on said:

    YAY… my invitations look so beautiful! I can’t wait to see the decor at the shower!

  2. RealtyqueenTO on said:

    The invites look great, good job!

  3. Christine Allison on said:

    They turned out fantastic! i love the soft wave of colour!

  4. Jillian(Invitations House) on said:

    beautiful invitations

  5. Alex on said:

    Guys, these look awesome! Such a good idea

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