Garlands, Tassels & Big A$$ Balloons

Posted on by Shannon

Things have been quiet on the blog. And you know what that means…Hoopla is busy! Busy with work, but also busy with our families. Our little Hoopla team is at 5 right now and juggling all of them is just bananas. But it’s fun bananas.

Which leads us to what this blog post is about!

Our friends at Efhamar & Sienna, an Canadian online shop with some seriously fun party decor, offered us some of their product to style. We obviously said yes and got to work.

At the end of last year, we welcomed the arrival of my little babe Archie. I wasn’t going to do much to the nursery after Porter moved out of it. Even if it was a boy (which it was!), I thought the gold, navy and peach colour scheme would just have to do. Okay, I knew it was super girly but what can you do?! I liked it…and it’s not like he cares at this point, right? I gave the colour scheme to Efhamar & Sienna and they sent me this absolutely beautiful, and much bigger than I expected, tassel garland.

Tassel Garland from Efhamar & SiennaTassel Garland from Efhamar & Sienna

It seriously makes the room. Especially when it’s against those washi tape polka dots that I made a couple of years ago. I’m in love…and so is Archie.

Also, for anyone that’s wondering, Archie does sleep in a crib. We have both a bed and a crib in his room for those sleepless nights. The crib is just not as pretty…haha.

Next up was Sloane’s 1st birthday party, which was another perfect occasion to showcase Efhamar & Sienna‘s stuff.

Balloons & Frills for Sloane

Hello big a$$ balloons and fringe. Seriously so fun!

Balloons & Frills for SloaneBalloons & Frills for Sloane

And Sloaney obviously loved playing in the fringe afterwards.

Thanks again to Efhamar & Sienna for being so cool…and did we mention they’re Canadian? Another huge plus.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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2 comments on “Garlands, Tassels & Big A$$ Balloons

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