Our Photo Projects with Blacks

Posted on by Shannon

A few months ago we were asked to join the Blacks blogger team. Of course we said yes :)

Not only were we able to try out Blacks new products and services, our blog posts were going to appear on Blacks new and improved website!  They have been undergoing some very fun changes (including a brand new image and logo) and we were along for the ride.

Our first project was a birthday photo collage.

Our Photo Projects with Blacks

It happened to be Shannon’s son’s 5th birthday around that time, so we based the project around him.

We printed a ton of Shannon’s Instagram photos of Keaton over the last year through the Blacks iPhone app and seriously, within 15 minutes, they were ready to be picked up. Super easy. And then we arranged the pics in a ’5′. Keaton LOVED it!

The second project we did was a birth announcement for Robin’s daughter, Sloane.

hoopla | Our Photo Projects with Blacks

We didn’t even know these existed at Blacks, but they have hundreds of templates available for different types of cards.

Robin went into the store to print these. Again, super easy. They were printed on the spot and she was able to take them home and mail them out. Too cute!

The last project we worked on was an eclectic photo wall, featuring Blacks new acrylic wall art.

hoopla | Our Photo Projects with Blacks

We love anything acrylic, so when we heard Blacks did acrylic wall pieces, we jumped right on it. Robin still hadn’t printed out any of her wedding photos yet, so we thought a love-inspired wall featuring her wedding photos would be perfect.

We also printed some larger format Instagram photos. And bought made-for-Instagram frames to hold them. Throw in a couple of special items of Robin and Jesse’s and there’s your eclectic photo wall!

We loved every minute of this process and we love our new Blacks art!

We are actually heading to a Blacks lunch with the rest of the blog team today so wish us luck!

-Shannon & Robin

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4 comments on “Our Photo Projects with Blacks

  1. Crystal on said:

    Love it!

  2. Hey Robin (and Shan!) – what size is your acrylic wall art photo? XO

  3. Herrera on said:

    Oh wow!!! This photo wall looks soooo good!

  4. Stella on said:

    The embodiment of such project allows you to capture the most pleasant emotions with the photo collages. This conveys only special impressions.
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