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Posted on by Shannon

Hey friends!

Friday is finally here! And you know what that means?? We’re sharing some images that have caught our eye this week…and for this S&L, it’s all about the spray paint!

#1 – The latest Ruche Magazine came out and we were so smitten by this monochromatic, spray-painted tree! Wouldn’t a whole room of these at a party look fab?

#2 – We’ve raved about floral stylist, Bornay from Barcelona, before, but we couldn’t help but notice these spray-painted succulents! Love the colour spread!

#3 – These spray-painted, silver baskets from Martha Stewart are ridonculous!

#4 – 100 Layer Cake posted this 30th birthday party this week and we fell head over heels for the Palm Spring / Alice in Wonderland-ish details….especially the spray-painted yard flamingos!

As for this weekend, it’s jam-packed again with fun! BlogPodium tomorrow, a site visit for an August wedding on Sunday and a ridiculous amount of stuff to do for Robin’s wedding….t-minus 2 weeks! AHHHHH!

Who’s joining us tomorrow at the Canadian blogging event??


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