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Posted on by Shannon

We are officially on a crazy one week countdown for Robin’s wedding!!

We apologize in advance if posting is a little spotty for the next little while, but we can’t wait to show you all the fun details we have come up with!

Here is what got us going this week:

#1 – This painted ceiling is ridiculous. I want it badly. That is all. (oh, and check out the rest of this pad here – if you like the ceiling, you’ll love the tour!)

#2 – You don’t generally think of moss has being used for weddings and events, but we love the look of it, especially on this pretty terracotta pot! And come to think of it, we are incorporating some moss in an upcoming wedding in July – stay tuned!

#3 – We are loving tassels these days! Especially these cute and colourful ones made with yarn! Robin is actually incorporating some tassels into her wedding – just wait until you see everything!!

#4 – Mmm, rainbow mason jar cupcakes

Have an awesome weekend everyone!


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4 comments on “Saw & Loved This Week

  1. Sarah Gunn on said:

    I love these images. That ceiling is SO amazing. Totally cheers me up on this rainy day.

  2. Nicole Bigioni on said:

    The ceiling and mason jar cupcake are amazing!

  3. Britt @ My. Daily. Randomness. on said:

    Gah! I love cake in jars! So fun!

  4. Lisa @Wicked & Weird on said:

    WOW love that ceiling – and the light fixture. GORGEOUS.

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