The Blossom & Bloom Show

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Blossom and Bloom Poster

Robin and I are so pumped to announce that we are going to be at The Blossom & Bloom Show this Sunday!

As soon as we heard about this outdoor market, we knew we had to get on board. First of all, it’s in our hometown! Woohoo! For once, we don’t need to pack up all our stuff and head downtown. And second, we are selling our stuff finally! We have been creating for 3 1/2 years for clients, but we are super excited to be making and selling to people at markets like this.

So, what can you expect from our booth?

Well, it’s Mother’s Day, so we are setting up a ‘flower shop’ and selling pretty arrangements for all the Mommies out there. And then we will be selling a bunch of little potted plants and succulents such as…

Succulent in Dip Dyed Egg Holder

Our cute little dip dyed egg cups.

Copper and concrete plant stands

Our new concrete and copper plant stands, which we are super pumped about.

And some old favourites, like our new and improved ‘Hoopla in a Box’ (just wait until you see these guys!).

Oh and we are also selling some of my sister Allie’s concrete goods (concrete is a theme here). Have you seen her stuff yet? It’s wicked. Her company is Your Pal, Al. Clever, huh?

Your Pal, Al Concrete Goods

Lastly, we are surrounded by some other very cool vendors, including our friend Halyard Flags.

Halyard Flags

Bottom line is, this market is going to be the so come visit us at The Blossom and Bloom Show and support local florists, artists and artisans!


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4 comments on “The Blossom & Bloom Show

  1. Leah on said:

    This looks great! I hope to make my way down there one weekend this summer.

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  4. Stella on said:

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