To Spray-Paint Or Not To Spray-Paint??

Posted on by Shannon

I told you posting was going to be a little spotty this week. Sorry for being MIA, but this week has been crazy, as you can imagine. Tomorrow is officially Robin’s wedding day and there’s still so much to do!

Let’s take a break from all the wedding festivities and talk about the nursery.

You may remember from my nursery moodboard a while back that I had chosen the Urban Outfitters Tiered Brass Pendant Lamp as the light for the room.

Remember this beauty?

Well, I ordered it and this is what I received:

Am I missing something here? They are two totally different lights!!

I haven’t called to complain yet, because I’ve been tres busy, but I figure I have three options:

1. Return it and start a search for a new light. Not really the best option for me right now as I’m cutting it close to baby due date time and the price of this light was just too good ($64)

2. Live with it and go for more brassy accents in the drawer pulls and what not, instead of gold.

3. Spray paint the light gold and go back to the original scheme.

Your thoughts?

Okay, I’m off to Robin’s venue to drop off all the goods and do one more run-through. Wish us luck!


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13 comments on “To Spray-Paint Or Not To Spray-Paint??

  1. Caitie on said:

    Ew, that’s so annoying. I much prefer the gold and I think you you spray paint it!

  2. Nicole Bigioni on said:

    I’m with Caitie, spray paint or return it. You’ve had good luck in the past with spray painting and I think you should give it a shot!

  3. Krista @ Nook of Wellington on said:

    Definitely spray it! It won’t take long and will turn out just the way you’d hoped!

  4. Lisa B on said:

    Spray it!

  5. Lisa @Wicked & Weird on said:

    Oh that is SO annoying!! I would try to go for the brighter brass colour, but I feel like I have seen a product out there that you rub on instead of spray. That might help give it more of a realistic patina. Maybe Barbara H knows?

  6. Lisa @Wicked & Weird on said:

    I think this is what I was thinking of…

  7. Sarah @ Sugar and Shimmer on said:

    Happy Wedding, Robin!
    Shannon, is it possible that they sent you the wrong light fixture? I would definitely complain as a first step – if you explain your pregnant circumstances and how disappointed you maybe they’ll offer you something extra! Just remember, if you spray paint and don’t like the results, you’re stuck with it. Just my two cents :)

  8. Crystal on said:

    spray paint that bad boy gold. i’ve happily used a can of gold metallic spray paint for a TON of stuff recently and love all the results. give bito my love tomorrow xoxo

  9. Prabh on said:

    I love the gold! I would say spray paint it or return it

  10. Christine Allison on said:

    Such a disappointment! I have seen rub and buff for metal that will shine that baby up! Best wishes this weekend! I look forward to seeing the pictures from the nuptials!!

  11. Shannon on said:

    Thanks for all your advice! I’m an idiot and should have just called in the first place. The wrong finish was sent to me. The other one (the right one) is on backorder until July 6, but I am waiting for it. And I don’t have to pay for shipping for the new one!!

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