Giveaway | Wrapping up the Holidays!

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Hello friends!

Shannon and I have been on major blogging hiatus lately (like 6 months!), but we swear we have some pretty darn great excuses!  We’ll definitely be doing a wrap-up post to fill you in with all the cray deets of what happened in 2014 (one hint…someone may have gone ahead and created us a new member of the Hoopla team!!).  In the meantime, we’ve been busy bees getting ready for the holidays.

As you may have already guessed, we take our gift wrapping very seriously. So we were super pumped when Scotch Tape sent us a ton of fun supplies to play around with and create some pretty wrapping for our friends and family.

Scotch Tape Supplies

See? Lots of goodies that just got our wheels turning.

As soon as we see tape we think stickers, so we busted out some wax paper and got merry-making!

Scotch Tape - Tape


Creating stickers from tape is pretty darn easy.  Start by placing your tape onto the wax paper in whatever colour pattern you like.


Cut the wax paper into whatever shape sticker you want.  In our case, we wanted to create some bunting so we cut our stickers into mini triangles.


Finally, peel the tape from the wax paper and stick them onto your present.  Easy peasy!

After seeing all the leftover pieces from the first present we thought they would work perfectly for the next one.  Waste not, want not!


We just cut up the scraps into little pieces and stuck them on like confetti!



Next, we cut out shapes to make gift tags, so that we could the ‘to’ and ‘from’.


If you haven’t finished wrapping all your gifts just yet, we have some awesome news for you. Scotch Tape would like to give one lucky, crafty person a bundle of fun, wrapping goodies!  All you have to do is:

1. Follow us on Instagram
2. Like Scotch Tape on Facebook
3. And leave us a comment to let us know you did

This is a quick contest here folks, so we will be picking a winner tomorrow at 10pm!

Good luck and happy merry-making!

- Robin

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5 comments on “Giveaway | Wrapping up the Holidays!

  1. Sarah S on said:

    Done and done! Thanks for the chance ladies and happy to see the return of the blog :)

  2. Done and done!

    Yahoo for new blog posts!

  3. Kajal Patel on said:

    Done and done! Thanks for the chance :)

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